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Blue Marble

Introducing the opening of underground mine of

Lithuanian Marble

About Us

High Quality & Unique Marble Mine Development

The international Dimension Stone Market, continues to expand. Within the Marble market, the blue color is one of the most prized and demanded. Margasmiltė is developing an underground mine of high quality and unique color marble.

There is a significant deficit in the global market for blue stone, with demand exceeding supply.”

Mantas Morkvėnas, CEO

Our Stones

Four Types For Three Different DS Markets

Type A

Luxuriuos Blue Marble DS Market

Type C

Blue Marble DS Market

Type B

Blue Marble DS Market

Type D

Grey Marble DS Market

Why Choose Us

Most Advanced And Up To Date Solutions Used in Planning and Design

An array of blue and grey dimension stone blocks and slabs with total production in excess of 50,000 tons per annum is planned .

Mineral Resource base was identified, and Ore Reserve declared according to JORC code.

All licenses and permits were acquired, technical solutions are being finalised in the Definitive Feasibility Study.


Ready To Build Status

Large deposit

Largest blue dimensional stone (DS) deposit in Europe

Regular production

Regular production of large blue blocks to fulfill 25% of market for decades


Superb location & logistics

Resources & Reserves

Mineral resource and Ore Reserve declared under JORC


Land plot secured


Construction permits (Technical projects completed and approved) for surface facilities granted

No cracks

Geological formation and tectonic conditions formed a deposit with no faults or cracks (confirmed by geological surveys)

EBRD involved

EBRD Letter of Intent signed

Zero emission

CO2 neutral operations, zero waste production Support from local government


Environmental Impact Assessment completed and approved


Mining license granted


Pre-Feasibility Study completed, Definitive Feasibility study ongoing

Experts On Board

Meet Our Team

Mantas Morkvėnas

Mantas Morkvėnas


Vytautas Staškus

Vytautas Staškus

Quarry master

Evironmental, Social & Governance


  • The Project is backed by and has an approved detail Environmental Impact assessment (EIA)​report by competent Lithuanian authorities.
  • The production is waste free as even the smallest pieces of anhydrite is a product that can be sold and does not require waste management.
  • All the communal company waste (paper, plastic, glass, green waste) will be treated according to best practice recycling standards.
  • Since the approval of EIA report, project has been updated to minimize impact on the environment by reducing the amount of yearly production, changing all the machinery that uses internal combustion engines to electric etc.
  • All the updates were documented and aligned in the mining plan (update of the EIA report is not required).
  • The electricity will be bought from Renewable energy sources making the mine “Zero emission”​(there is an option to install own solar panels).

  • Our mission is to be a socially responsible company. Provide equal opportunity, prioritize health & safety.
  • Due to positive impact on the region district municipality granted the status of special economic importance project.

  • Company has ordered an independent legal due diligence which was made by Ellex in order to confirm compliance with governance standards.
  • Margasmiltė is planning to implement and establish health and safety, quality assurance and environmental protection management according to international ISO standards.

Contributors & Advisers

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